Meet Our Team
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Creator / Owner

Each item in the shop is lovingly hand-picked from my travels across the country & from the innumerable 


"I was born & raised in Northern California & decided to move to Oceanside when I was 18.  My love for all things vintage goes beyond clothing & includes everything from music to choppers, to books, and to architecture & movies.  I've been in the vintage industry for about 4 years now & while I used to sell online full time prior to starting at Ransack in March of 2019, my vintage-related knowledge has grown ten-fold just by working here.  When I'm not at the shop you can find me taking film photos, riding my motorcycle. studying, or going on last minute trips!"


"I've worked in the vintage field for three years now, but my passion for all things old and unique started at a very young age.  As a little kid I admired my grandmother's knick knacks & adored old movies. Nowadays, my favorite things include collecting antiques, playing with my cats, camping, & sewing. I love repairing old clothes and bringing them back to life."


Manager / Buyer

Sales Associate